CS:GO Meta 2021

CS:GO Meta


Weapon Tier List



  • AK-47 is the go-to weapon for T's because of its low price (2700$) and its abilty to one-click enemys in the head (high damage). As a rifler, you should always go for the AK-47 if possible.
  • MP9 is the perfect anti-eco weapon with a high firerate at a cheap price (1250$). If you've won the first CT-round, you should probably buy a MP9.
  • P250 is very cheap (300$) and has great armor penetration. You should play it when you are on T-side eco to deal at least some damage.


  • AWP has high one-shot potential and is great in holding angles. Only play AWP if you are very skilled with it because of it's high price (4750$). Especially on T-side, AK-47's are usually more cost efficent.
  • M4A4 (3100$) is a strong CT-rifle and has slightly higher firerate (666 to 600) and a larger magazine (30 to 25) compared to the M4A1-S.
  • M4A1-S (2900$) is cheaper than the M4A4 and has a easier-to-control recoil, especially on long distances as well as a silencer which hides muzzle fire and tracers through smoke.
  • Desert Eagle (700$) is pistol with high damage, high recoil and one-shot potential. Use it in half-buys if you are skilled with it. Don't buy it in pistol rounds.


  • MAC-10 is a cheap (1050$) anti-eco gun with high firerate and great mobility while running & jumping.
  • SCAR-20 (5000$) is very strong at holding angles from long distance against rushes and has high DPS also against armored opponents.
  • Five-Seven (500$) is a nice CT-pistol and can be effective if you catch your oppenent off-guard.

Updated 9.1.2021